Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the club been meeting?
Since October 2016

How often does the club meet?

Monthly on the first Thursday of each month

How long are the meetings?

We start at noon and usually wrap up by 1:30ish.

Where does the club meet?
In the Collins room (across from the children's room) on the ground floor.

I don't live in Ipswich. Can I still attend?
Ipswich residency is NOT required to join this club.

How much does it cost?
It's free! Except for the cost of the ingredients for you to prepare the recipe..

How do I register to attend cookbook club?
Each month, use the library's online calendar to register to attend.  Any library employee can also register you using the same online calendar.

Can I register myself and a friend?
Sorry, but no.  Due to the logistics of cookbook club, the online calendar's registration form is set up to only register one person at a time. We cannot register multiple people in the same form.

When can I register to attend?
Each month, registration begins exactly two weeks before the following meeting.

Is there a limit on how many people can attend each month?
Due to space constraints cookbook club is currently limited to 20 people. The registration form is set up to also add 5 people to the wait list. As cancellations occur, the club facilitator will contact people on the wait list.

When can I pick up a copy of the selected cookbook?
Copies of the selected book are available for check out starting two weeks before the next meeting.

I can't attend this month's meeting but I want to look look at and cook from the selected book. Can I still check out a copy of the book from the holds shelf?
The copies on the holds shelf are reserved for patrons who are registered to attend this month's meeting.  You or any library staff member can place a hold for a separate copy on your individual library card. When that copy arrives, the library will notify you and it will be held under your last name.

Where do I pick up a copy of the book?

On the Book Group shelves nearest the music CDs (across from the check-out desk).

How do I know which recipes have already been claimed?
Refer to this Claimed Recipes page.

What types of recipes should club members select from the cookbook?Ideally, we end up with a nice variety each month: some appetizers, some side dishes, some main dishes, and some desserts. Some cookbooks even have drink (non-alcoholic) recipes.

How do I tell the library which recipe I've chosen to prepare?
Use this online form. Then library staff will update the Claimed Recipes page.

What if I pick a recipe that someone else already claimed?
The club facilitator may suggest that you select an alternate recipe.
Do I need to double the recipe? 
Nope!  There will be up to 20 different recipes to sample. There will be more than enough food to go around!

Can I substitute ingredients or alter the recipe? Sure you can! And you can tell us all about it during our discussion.

What do I need to bring on the day of the meeting?
Your prepared recipe in a serving bowl/tray. Do please bring serving utensils (the library has a limited supply). The library will supply paper plates, etc.  If you would like to be earth-friendly, feel free to bring your own reusable plate/bowl/fork/knife.  If you would like to swap leftovers with fellow club members, feel free to bring a food storage container from home.

Do I need to make a table tent/sign with the name of my recipe on it?
Nope!   Library staff will make those signs for you!

Can I suggest a cookbook title for a future meeting?
Yes, please!   One caveat: there has to be a least 20 copies of the title in the MVLC catalog. Use this form to suggest a cookbook.

What do we do at the meetings?
We try each others dishes, discuss what went well and what was challenging. We discuss ingredients, kitchen gadgets used, etc.  Occasionally we have the author of the selected cookbook give us a presentation about their career as a cook and food writer. 

Can I use the ebook/online version of the selected cookbook?
Absolutely!   You just won't have a page number to report when claiming your recipe.

My recipe is supposed to be served warm or hot. Can I heat it up at the library?

There is a small kitchen off of the Collins room. The kitchen has a refrigerator, a sink, and a microwave for reheating.  There is no stove or toaster oven in the kitchen.  You may also keep your recipe warm/hot in a slow cooker or electric skillet from home.

Can I make a recipe that calls for alcohol?  Only if the alcohol is cooked off.