Wednesday, June 13, 2018

New books for outdoor chefs

We have two brand new books for those who like to cook and eat outside.

And we also just got the newest edition of Where Chefs Eat. (It turns out that a handful of chefs eat at Prune in New York City. I REALLY want to eat there some day!).  If you've ever eaten at Prune before, feel free to make a comment here and tell us how it was.

To reserve your copy of any of the books in this post, just click on the book covers.$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:921193/one$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:912411/one$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:964047/one

Friday, May 25, 2018

Potlucks, soul food, and fast cooking

Here are the library's newest cookbooks! To place a hold on any of these books, just click on the image of the book cover.$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:940333/one

Bring it!
: Tried and True Recipes for Potlucks and Casual Entertaining by Ali Rosen
will be perfect for Cookbook Club (when we can get enough copies).  I'm already claiming the Mango Puffs recipe. ;)$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:961390/one

I recommend Cook Fast Eat Well: 5 Ingredients, 10 Minutes, 106 Recipes by Sue Quinn for teens and college students.$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:961400/one

Soul: a Chef's Culinary Evolution in 150 Recipes by Todd Richards features drink pairings. Most of the recipes have recommended wines, beer, or/and cocktails. Thirsty, anyone?

Wishing everyone a happy, safe, and delicious Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Our newest cookbooks ready to reserve!

This time it's all about grilling and sauces.  The book on sauces is a sauces bible!  And the grilling book is the latest from FOOD52.  

To reserve your copy of either of these, just click on the book covers!$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:953510/one$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:935539/one

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Do you like to roast?

I've just cataloged and perused the library's newest cookbook.   It's the latest from our friends at America's Test Kitchen.  If you like to roast, this is just the book for you. Hate to roast?  This is also for you since it has very clear, easy to follow directions.

It has mouth-watering photos on every page. It even has chapters on roasting fish, veggies, and fruit!  Happy Roasting! --Nathalie H.

Click here to place a hold for this book.$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:930732/one

Monday, March 12, 2018

Why Cookbook Clubs Should be...

Thanks to club member Kerrin N. for sharing this article!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Wine and Sweets!

Here are our two newest cookbooks! Both are perfect for this holiday season.$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:892631/one

Get them while they're hot! 

Thursday, August 24, 2017