Thursday, December 8, 2016

Just learned all about chef Eric Ripert;qtype=keyword;locg=1;detail_record_view=1

I just finished listening to the audio book 32 Yolks: From My Mother's Table to Working the Line.  It's an awesome memoir by chef Eric Ripert (pronounced REEpear).   

This book follows Ripert's childhood and young adult years in Southern France and Andorra as he learns to love food, cooking, and the freshest of ingredients.  His inspiration comes from his mother and grandmothers. The only thing that made me sad is that it ended too soon. This memoir only covers his life through age 24. 

Road trip idea: Chartered bus to his NYC restaurant, Le Bernardin!

P.S. PBS produced a show with Ripert called Avec Eric. Watch the episodes here.



Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cookbook club is growing!

Thanks to the 16 people who cooked and shared their dishes at yesterday's meeting.

We had a delicious lunch and great conversation about what went well and what was challenging during the preparation of our recipes.  There were mixed feeling about the how the recipes are written in
The Nantucket Holiday Table. But everything tasted delicious!  Highlights for me were Harvard beets, curried parsnip soup, turkey-avocado-bacon sandwiches, and the ham chicken croquettes.

Cheddar & Cranberry Conserve-butter Sandwiches

Harvard beets with capers and orange twist

Turkey, Bacon, Avocado sandwiches on Portuguese bread

 I look forward to seeing everyone again in January for Paleo Lunches & Breakfasts by Diana Rodgers.  The best part: Diana might be with us to discuss her career as a cook and author! So, stay tuned!

Registration for the January 5 meeting starts on Thursday, December 22. Copies of the book will be available starting on Dec. 22 also. Starting on Dec. 22, click here to see which recipes have already been claimed.   And click here to report which recipe you've selected.

Check out the
Cookbook Club blog for all the details.  You all can post comments on some of the blog pages (including Home, List of Claimed Recipes, Cookbooks Discussed). 

You can also subscribe to the blog via don't miss new posts and comments in between our meetings.  I'll be posting about our newly arrived cookbooks and other cooking/food related topics throughout the month. (see the
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Friday, December 2, 2016

Six new cookbooks & one more gem

Come in to the library straight away to snag one of these newest books! Click on the book covers for more information about each, including links to reviews. This is where you can place a hold if our copy is checked to someone else.

  I plan on trying the macaroni and cheese dish in Anthony Bourdain's Appetites!;qtype=keyword;fi%3Asearch_format=;locg=1;detail_record_view=1;qtype=keyword;fi%3Asearch_format=;locg=1;detail_record_view=1;qtype=keyword;locg=1;detail_record_view=1;qtype=keyword;fi%3Asearch_format=;locg=1;detail_record_view=1;qtype=keyword;fi%3Asearch_format=;locg=1;detail_record_view=1;qtype=keyword;fi%3Asearch_format=;locg=1;detail_record_view=1;qtype=keyword;fi%3Asearch_format=;locg=1;detail_record_view=1